Recipe for Mango Milkshake

Make delicious Mango Milkshake recipe with this easy to follow instructions that even kids can make (with help of grown-ups).
Mango Milkshake Recipe

How to make Mango Milkshake the easy way?

Manga Milkshake recipe – is what you need to celebrate the best fruit of India – Mango, during the unrelenting summer season, in India. This Mango Milkshake recipe is easy to make that even you could involve kids in the process of making it.

Mango Milkshake is very versatile in that the you can change the consistency / thickness of the Milkshake and you have Mango Aamras / Mango Shrikarni ready – for your Pooris and Chapathis.

Mango Milkshake Recipe
Mango Milkshake champions the Mango like no other.

Mango Milkshake is refreshing as it is healthy – it packs a lot of Vitamin C from the Mangoes, and Proteins and Calcium and Protein from the Milk.

You can serve this as a breakfast drink, as a dessert during Lunch or Dinner simply as a replacement for Chai during that evening snack time. The versatility of this Mango Milkshake is left to your imagination.

Though any mango can be used, it is preferable that a sweet variety is used. Here we have used Malgova mangoes (which are cheaper and you get more pulp). Other choices that are good candidates for this Milkshake are – Raspuri, Badami, Bangaganpalli or any other that is available in your region.

This recipe is made using normal milk but you can substitute that for Almond Milk, Soya Milk or Coconut Milk if you are looking for healthier options.

Recipe for Mango Milkshake, below.

Mango Milkshake Recipe

Mango Milkshake Recipe

Make delicious Mango Milkshake recipe with this easy to follow instructions that even kids can make (with help of grown-ups).
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Prep Time 10 mins
Cook Time 8 mins
Course Desserts / Sweets, Drinks and Beverages
Cuisine North Indian, South Indian
Servings 4 people



  • 2 nos. Mangoes Large ones such as Malgova. If you're using smaller varieties such as Raspuri, use about 4-6.
  • 2 glasses Milk
  • 8 nos Ice Cubes
  • 1 cup Sugar
  • 1 pinch Salt

How to make:

  • Remove the skin of the mangoes and mash them into a pulp.
  • Add the sugar, salt and the milk
  • In a mixer, beat this mixture along with ice cubes
  • Serve in a tall glass.
  • Garnish with chopped almonds or Pistachios.
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What type of Mangoes can be used for this?

Anything that has a lot of pulp and have more juice. Some varieties that have more Juice than Pulp are – Raspuri, Sindhura, Alphonso.

What are the alternatives to using Sugar?

You can use Powdered Jaggery, Stevia / Sugar Substitute, or even honey. But remember these substitutes will alter the taste of the Milkshake. If you want to completely eliminate sugar or substitutes from this recipe, choose naturally sweet Mangoes. Anything sour will show up in the final taste.

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